Campus Sunset

The Center for Communication and Community is a community-engaged research center charged with supporting outstanding academic research that also has direct value to our communities and their organizations. The center seeks durable relationships with communities and organizations for the purpose of advancing the public well-being.

The purpose of academic research is to produce generalized knowledge about the world in which we live. While that might sound overreachingly grand, it simply means that the goal of academic research is to find solutions that apply to the many rather than to fix the problem for the one. We focus on the common problems that communities and organizations everywhere share.

But every research study has to start somewhere and every problem is experienced one at a time. If your community or your organization has a problem, it is likely that others have that same problem. Perhaps, together we can develop a study that provides a long-term solution for many communities including your own. You could be a hero in your own time. It all starts by filling out the form (in the menu bar to your left), describing the problem and possible study.

If you are an academic researcher, have a project in mind, and are seeking community partners, the Center may be able to help. A word of caution: Projects brokered through the Center are expected to follow the engaged model and to return something of direct, and usually immediate, value to the community partners. Again, it all starts by filling out the form.

It is worthwhile to remind everyone that the Center is not a granting agency; we do not provide funds, but our services are without cost.